Monday, January 03, 2005

Springcleaning vs catfood

Saw our landlord today, for the first time since we moved in (ie nearly two years ago). Now despite the place being quite respectable, this nonetheless prompted an early Spring clean, reaching the bits that the convergence of the parents a few days ago hadn't already pushed us into scrubbing. It suddenly became imperative to remove small marks from the surroundings that we hadn't even noticed were there before. Most of these seemed to be dried on cat food. How do you get cat food in these places, that's what I want to know. I mean, on the curtains. Near the tops of walls. It's not like she's a seven foot tigress (that would be me, yes?). And this stuff sticks. We may have discovered the new wonder-adhesive. No more scrabbling in the toolbox for the superglue, just apply rabbit-flavoured goo and wait for it to dry. Few things short of a small nuclear deveice will get it off again, guaranteed.

Anyway, the visit went well, with me managing to knock over a full cup of tea in the living room only after he'd been gone by several minutes. I find timing is crucial in these events...


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