Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Cheap-Shoe-Shuffle

In the unlikely event that someone in Asda management reads this blog, could you pass on to the relevant parties the sheer pointlessness of attaching your pairs of shoes together with elastic tags?

This makes it difficult enough to try them on and stand up in, let alone walk in. The best you can manage is a kind of moronic shuffe (which on second thoughts is perhaps what they're used to in Asda). If I'm going to buy a pair of shoes, it's not that unreasonable to want to know if I'm going to be able to walk in them (or even stand in a stance that doesn't involve knocking my ankle bones together). These tags also mean that you have a hard plastic bit sticking into the side of your foot, something else apparently designed to make it impossible to find out if a pair's worth buying.

I presume all this is in the interests of security, but let's face it, who is going to steal just one shoe? A Cinderella fetishist?


At 5:38 pm , Blogger Kell said...

Asda's ain't the only ones either - more & more places that do not exclusively sell shoes are employing this torturous tactic in an attempt to hobble not only the would-be lifters, but anyone who just wants to see how that particular pair of shoes would look with their jeans!

I've had countless injuries from those bloody tags & next time I might just sue!


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