Thursday, November 10, 2005

Small Screen Round-up

Been watching Mutant X this week, which has just started showing on Freeview. So far, an appallingly plotted, highly preposterous pile of tosh. It's great. (I'd also forgotten how much I liked John Shea, and that I'd spent several series wanting Lois to go off with Lex...). So far there is much Alan-Statham-esque swirling of coat-tails as people sweep round corners, which no doubt the Mutants spend all their off-hours practicing, when they're not pose-fighting on elevated platforms, or having sensors stuck on their breasts by John Shea...hmmn, where was I?

Also caught the first episode of Tru Calling, where a mortuary attendant gets to live the same day twice, and try and save the life of her latest corpse before they're corpsified. Presumably doing herself out of a job in the process. Tending a bit too much to mawkish sentimentality in places, and proving that Eliza Dushku can only act one character, but held my attention to the end (happened across it accidentally) and was quite entertaining. Don't know if I'll bother to watch any more though.

And finally, hurrah, The Avengers is back, on BBC4. Bowler hats a-go-go.


At 11:27 am , Blogger Kell said...

I caught what I suspect was the 2nd episode of Tru in the early hours of this morning. A bit blah, but some mindless entertainment to while away the wee-small hours at least.

At 2:43 pm , Blogger Matt said...

It's great, what with itv4 and now randomly being able to get sky3; all of these programmes that we've only read about in SFX or similar are now available.

Mutant X is a bit like the baywatch of the sci fi world. Lots of dramatic bits with music but generally quite slow. Strikes me the budget isn't really what they wanted it to be so instead of really cool location, quite a lot is set in a closed shopping mall and associated multi-storey car park.

Good that we get the chance to see it though...


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