Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Today is Lammas - loaf-mass - the first harvest festival of the year, and a time for sitting back and considering the fruits of your labours so far in the year.

After heavy showers this morning, it's turned into a beautiful evening - just right for wandering through the fields of barley (took this picture in front of Budock Church) and looking out for the ripening hazel nuts, rowan berries and blackberries in the hedgerows.

A very happy and fruitful Lammas-tide to all Rambler readers!


At 11:05 am , Blogger Matt said...

hope i'm not alone in having read that first as llamas.

Mind you, seems perfectly likely that flocks of llamas could be wandering the hills and woods of budock!

llamas is a fun word to type; looks like it's one of those terry pratchett style words that should be read backwards.


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