Saturday, June 23, 2007

and I even arranged for it to be sunny

So today was the day of the Norfolk invasion.

Note to self: when arranging to meet someone at a pre-arranged time, it really would be sensible to remember to put your watch on before leaving the house... However, we managed the rendezvous - both lurking in the bestsellers section of Waterstones - with no hitches. With hindsight, we really should have arranged some sort of password - maybe sidling up with a muttered "the eagle flies at midnight", although I suppose that had rather embarrassing potential had we approached the wrong suspiciously lurking figure.

We made our way to
Charlotte's Tea House, which I'd not been in before, but had come highly recommended. A proper, old fashioned tea shop, with cakes on a tiered stand and snooty waitresses in black dresses and white aprons. Dave and I had a cream tea, and the Husband had warm chocolate fudge cake and it was all oh-so-terribly-agreeable, doncha know.

I also apologised on behalf of the Cornish nation for the fact that it had been raining all week on him...



At 2:02 pm , Blogger Dave said...

And a lovely time was had by all.


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