Saturday, January 15, 2005

In The Library With The Lead Pipe

Just read my first Agatha Christie, out of curiosity and following the recent ITV productions. I read The Body In The Libray, as this was the first one on.

Not bad at all, given that a lot of people say that the books are actually awful. Bit annoyingly self-referential though - characters keep saying things like "gosh, I thought things like this only happened in books". Now once you can get away with, but they keep banging on about this all the way through. Also the small boy crime fan collects autographs and allegedly has one by Agatha Christie. Far too smug there, methinks.

Now the thing that drove me to write this, for the benefit of the three of you out there, is that while the dramatisation was very good in that it was very faithful to the book - word for word in many places - they changed who dunnit. I mean what the? Why? Why?

I seem to remember they started doing that with Cadfael too, which was why I stopped watching it (that, and the fact that they got rid of Sean Pertwee, ahem).


At 11:32 am , Blogger Kell said...

I hate when they do that! I also hate pointless plot & character changes. I mean, if an author writes a character or plot line in a specific way, it's usually for a good reason (unless the writer isn't very good). So, why do scriptwriters then think it's ok to come along & change everything? I was appalled by Quite Ugly One Morning was televised. The book was fantastic, witty, expertly timed, wonderful characters, yet the show was changed completely & it sucked big time!

At 12:57 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Same thing with the movie Chocolat.
Why the random change of Pantoufle from an imaginary rabbit to an imaginary kangaroo?

I can only think that someone in special effects had been working for years on a cg kangaroo, waiting for the right project to ram the thing into. as it were.



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