Sunday, March 20, 2005

Drink up me hearties, yo ho

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Or possibly the theme from Howard's Way would have been more appropriate, given that you don't see many pirates on the Fal these days. I was, however, humming both yesterday when we took a boat trip up the river - one of those touristy things that you never actually get round to doing when you live in a place.

It was perfect weather, clear blue skies and not too much wind. Out past the docks and up towards Truro, past the King Harry Ferry and lots of shifty looking cormorants. Round the huge ships languishing in the deep channel until they're sold or scrapped, past the smugglers' cottage, round and back into port (ye gods the Martime Museum looks hideous).

As we went back past the docks, one of the only other two passengers started to instruct us on what each of the ships did, up to the point when he discovered that we were actually local, upon which he started quizzing us on the finer points of mussel breeding. 'm sure there's a plank round here somewhere...


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