Friday, March 11, 2005

One Word

Tony Hawks
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Have just discovered OneWord, which is a digital radio channel where people basically just read books and plays to you.

Have so far been listening to Tony Hawks reading Playing the Moldovans at Tennis* and Warren Clark reading the Dalziel and Pascoe book An April Shower.

Discovered one drawback to taping radio through the telly though - very difficult to find the point you want when fast forwarding, without a picture...(I know this should feel no different from fast-forwarding a cassette, but it does, so there).

* Bit in the paper about Moldova this week, where they objected to being described in the news as sandwiched between two other nations. "We are not a sandwich, we are a country" (now is that a step up or a step down from "I am not a number"?). It added that probably the only reason anyone in Britain would even have heard of the country in the first place was through Tony Hawks' book. Bet they're not even grateful.


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