Monday, February 28, 2005

Kitchen Eggspertise

I would like to announce that at the age of 28 I have finally poached an egg. Two, actually. After deciding that I rather fancied some, and realising that I was a bit hazy on the specifics (ie not wanting to end up with something I could bounce across the kitchen) I looked in the Good Housekeeping cookery book, which is usually rather good for the old-fashioned basics. It had a recipe for asparagus with poached eggs which basically included the step "now poach your eggs". Mmmn, thanks.

Anyway, thank you Mr Ramsay, who includes a whole page in Kitchen Heaven titled "How to poach an egg" (they were perfect, incidentally, and any visitors now risk being force-fed poached egggs on toast. You have been warned).


At 10:39 am , Blogger Zen Angel said...

I love Ramsay. Never miss his show.

At 2:20 pm , Blogger Kell said...

And now, if you make a post called "How to POach an Egg" using Mr Ramsay's guide, I'll be able to try it too - you've got me hankering after poached eggs now! Especially since one of my buddies has chicken who have started laying now, so I have organic free-range eggs from local chickens, fresh laid this morning, sitting in a box on my desk right now...


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