Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Go Ellen!

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Or, stay Ellen , I suppose, since it would be rather churlish to make her leave again after coming all that way...

Yes, Ellen MacArthur has beaten the world record set this very month last year by Francis Joyon - who'd shaved loads off the previous record, and everyone said it'd be another decade before anyone beat his time in turn. Hah. Hurrah for plucky British girls...

The lady I work with took the morning off to watch Ellen come in - unfortunatly due to misinformation being spread by Radio Cornwall, she arrived at half past six this morning and Ellen rocked up at a quarter past midday. Still, she'd bagged a good spot. In fact they'd been there so long that they made friends with a waitress from the cafe, who took them round the back into Port Pendennis so they got a fabulous and unjostled view of the arrival (and turned out to be standing with the boat's designer!).

The cafe didn't fare so well. They were apparently running out of bacon by seven and heard to be running out of coffee soon after. Did *no-one* think there might just possibly be a bit of a rush on today?


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