Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A salt and batter-ry

Talking of jumbo sized, the large lady behind me in the chippy this evening ordered seven battered sausages. I'd like to think they were all for her...


At 1:23 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know why but I'm awful with stuff like that. Get very very upset and depressed.
There's an episode of Stairway to Heaven that I can no longer even mention to my sister;
and I had to switch off any episode of something about some form of syndrome (specific enough for you?) the other night as it involved loads of people eating way too much and not being able to stop.


It's the same kind of anti-massive consumption that makes booze-cruise trips to France a joy! I get there, see one too many people desperately cramming a 24-can pack of Stella Artois onto a trolley as if their live depended on it, and decide to go home having bought nothing.

Well, not quite nothing but the magic of buying 10 bottles of whisky suddenly dissipates.

And if you haven't seen someone desperately cram a 24 pack of Stella Artois, then you haven't seen Shakespeare the way it was meant to be played, is all I'm saying.



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