Saturday, January 29, 2005

Nine years asleep

Well, I appear to have made it to age 28, do I count as a grown-up yet? According to the 'aging' spreadsheet someone sent me the other day I've spent nine years of my life asleep so far. So - still time for a lie-in of a year or so then, jolly good.

Good crop pf presents, many tending to the sharp and shiny - including a knife sharpener from my gran, a tree saw with a rather manic crocodile grin from my mum and a gardener's knife with a leather sheath from my step-father. It's good when your family knows you so well...

Chris also got a present (Collins, you stop sniggering right now) - with a dvd I'd ordered him for Christmas finally arriving - always good to have amounts dropping from your bank account at random intervals. Which reminds me of another whinge - ordered a book from an American site, was charged for it, then got an email saying it was no longer available and I'd be credited back - but was actually given back less. I assume this is due to fluctuating conversion rates rather than a scam involving an employee skimming off around 40p from millions of accounts, although I'd actually be less annoyed if it was the latter. Enterprise counts for a lot.


At 9:08 pm , Blogger Kell said...

Hope you had a fab day. And I promise, 28 doesn't hurt a bit - it's actually rather fun!


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