Sunday, February 06, 2005

Link Updates

Added Neil Gaiman's blog to the links at the side - then realised that I'd spelt his name wrong (Gaimen) in my original profile links, which produced the interesting side-effect of grouping me in the subsequent list with people who share both the interest and the inability to get the spelling right.

Also added Charlaine Harris to the authors list - discovered her at Christmas and now on the third one of the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries (kinda vampires in red-neck country). They're like what the Anita Blake books should have been if Laurell K Hamilton hadn't plumped for endless pages of kinky sex over any actual plot.

Finally, added 2 Days In The Valley to the film list (although initially typed it as 2 Days In The Valet, which sounds like it could be a rather disturbing Jeeves and Wooster spin-off...). I keep watching this film because James Spader fits pretty much 'xactly my idea of Edward in the Anita Blake books. Gotta love those sociopaths...


At 4:02 pm , Blogger Kell said...

I'm another chronic-mispeller who rather likes Mr Gaiman & LOVES 2 days in the Valley (it's a James Spader thing - LOL!)


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