Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shoe's On The Other Foot Now

OK, so I went back and bought both pairs that I tried on the first time. This was due to a combination of driving rain and the realisation that ALL the boots and shoes I own leak. So I'm now the proud owner of a pair of high-heeled knee length black leather boots, and a pair of black leather court shoes for work. See how long they survive the stomping...

C. came with me, and after an inital attempt to make a break for the aisle with Men's Things like electric flex, was made to stay and give input: "What do you think of these boots?" "Er, they're very - booty."


At 1:34 pm , Blogger Kell said...

"What do you think of these boots?" "Er, they're very - booty."

Be pleased you even get that much out of him - Dale always refuses to comment on the grounds that I will hit him when he inevitably says that he doesn't like them.

Unless they're 6-inch stilletto thigh-high boots that is. In which case he'd like then a lot, thank you very much.

Men - no taste in footwear at all!

At 12:36 am , Blogger Fashion said...

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