Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Didn't Feel A Thing

Y'all remember the cheap shoe to-do a while back?

Was walking out the office at lunchtime and thought - "what's that odd black object in the corridor? Hmmn, looks like it's off someone's heel. Hang on. Ah, that would be mine then." And judging by the amount of crushed and mashed-ed-ness of the heel in question, it came off at least a day ago, and I have walked literally miles on the not-terribly-resilient heel body. Off now to try and reattach it with glue and possibly a large hammer, as the little holes have been somewhat mangled.

Remind me again why I bought cheap shoes? Oh yeah, cos the expensive ones fell apart just as frickin' quickly. Do I walk too much? Do I? Or is it the stamping on the bodies of countless minions?


At 7:44 pm , Blogger Kell said...

Yup - minion-stomping will do that every time. I've lost countless heals to similar activities.

Actually, that reminds me - I really must bet my black kitten-heels re-tipped. You guessed it - they were cheap (so much so that rehealing them twice has equalled the sale price!).


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