Friday, August 04, 2006


Had the day off work (hurrah) to travel up to Bucks for a wedding celebration/garden party on Saturday. Uneventful up until the M25, which was set largely at stop, although this meant we got to sit and watch all the big planes taking off over our head from Heathrow (ooh, yes, we Cornish are easy to please in the big city). We then had to find our way up the 404 ('road not found'? No, didn't get a laugh then either...) and various pretty lanes, made slightly more complicated by turning down a road that wasn't on the map. Next time, I'm downloading in smaller scale...

We stayed on Broomstick Lane, near Ley Hill, and ate in the Misty Moon pub. I felt this covered things nicely...The B&B Katsina and landlady were lovely, we had a nice view over the garden, and a pleasing absence of other guests to share the shared bathroom with.


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