Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Poldhu & Church Cove

Taking advantage of the brief return of decent weather, Saturday saw us heading to the beach at Poldhu on the

A spot of sun-snoozing and an ice cream (Roskilly's wild cherry, mmm) later, we walked up to the Marconi monument on the cliff top - site of the first radio message sent across the Atlantic in 1901. You can still see the concrete footings of the buildings that stood there (if you can get the cows to mooove out of the way) and the circular earthworks on the site of a revolving dish aerial.

Next stop was Church Cove - the church itself was locked on Saturdays sadly, but it's a very pretty setting. I even had a paddle. Wouldn't want to swim there, I have to say, just up to my ankles I could feel the current, and the pebbles were sucked out from under my feet with every wave. Even so, there were people in swimming.



At 8:03 am , Blogger Dave said...

What a delightful gesture to make at your readers.


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