Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Appraising Look

Oh, heavens to betsy.

I have my yearly appraisal next Friday. This involves filling in a large form beforehand, to discuss with my line manager at the meeting.

It involves such taxing questions as:
"What do you enjoy most about your job?" (the cake)
"How do you think your department's objectives will affect your role?" (well last year they couldn't come up with any)
"Who/what could help you achieve your long term career plan?" (I don't have one)

It probably doesn't bode well that I've just had to ask said colleague "what's your job title?" and "what's our department called these days?" to fill in the first page (to be fair, we have just been re-orgainsed...)




At 7:59 am , Blogger Dave said...

I was glad to get out of this nonsense 17 years ago, when I gave up having a real job. Now they want to introduce it here too. Booo!


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