Sunday, September 05, 2004

Mousehole Chat

Went to Mousehole yesterday - in the best traditions of living nary an hour away from somewhere interesting for years and never going there, it was the first time I'd been. It's one of the most picturesque places I think I've ever seen, even in Cornwall, although given that pretty much the only shops are galleries and ones seling tat to tourists it must be fairly difficult actually living there.

Nice clean public loos too (always worth a mention, I feel). Although the fact that other people might actually be using them seemed to fox the lady that came in after me. She shoved my door, and grunted in surprised annoyance when it didn't open. She then shoved the other (occupied) cubicle door. When that didn't open either, she wailed "Am I doing something wrong?". Perhaps she's had problems with the door-opening concept in the past. This was followed with "Is there anyone in there?". Not in her head, apparently.

The tide was out and the harbour looked like nothing so much as if a big plug had been pulled out - boats and mooring ropes, and sand and seaweed all fanned out from the lowest point, where the water had disappeared between the gap in the harbour wall.

Had a cream tea in The Old Pilchard Press, and it was the best one I've had for a long time - the scones (more bread-y splits really) were warm and fresh, plenty of jam and clotted cream. Although a refill on my coffee (also very nice) wouldn't have killed them... The only jarring note was the very VERY loud family from Birmingham (why is it always?) at the only other occupied table. Now this was a small, living-room sized place. We weren't talking (more intent on gobbling clotted cream), the staff weren't talking, so why they felt it neccessary to carry on a conversation at the very *tops* of their voices I really don't know. Just glad they left first, so we could finish a lovely tea in a more serene atmosphere!


At 8:22 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's never interesting people who are loud in restaurants. Why is that?



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