Saturday, November 06, 2004

Twelve Wise Monkeys

Well, my jury service has now been and gone, and on the whole it was quite interesting. It lasted four days, three of which were taken up with one case. The first day was the introduction to what we were doing, followed by around two hours of waiting, only to be told that both cases had pled guilty and we could all go home again. By the middle of the second morning, quite a few members of the group were getting rather whingy along the 'isn't this a waste of our time' route, but given that, ultimately, I was being paid to sit and read my book and drink coffee I was quite happy. What I couldn't understand were the people that came along each day WITHOUT something to read, and just sat and stared into space for hours. Duh. Anyway, I got picked onto the final twelve, and three days (and four hours of discussion) later we came up with the verdict that I think we'd largely started out with. So that's all right then.


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