Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Reprobates of Penzance

Rambling more than usual
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The department Christmas do was on Thursday, which I would have written up earlier but I've only just started to be able to focus again, and I'm still not back on speaking terms with my kidneys. We set out from Truro on the half ten train to Penzance, with three bottles of champagne (between eight of us) which served nicely as breakfast. Managed to get in two pubs (a Wetherspoon's, which I think we wandered into by accident and another one which was a nicer building but bizarrely lacked more decent beer than the Wetherspoon's) before lunch.

Lunch was at
Harris's. Hugely fabulous food, tiny place, and only us in there. Which was probably just as well. The walls were dark pink, so it was a bit like being swallowed, but by that point the edges were blurring nicely anyway. Had duck terrine, sea bass and chocolate torte with amaretto sauce. And coffee. And quite a lot of wine.

On to the
Admiral Benbow next for more drinking. Really nice pub, dark beams, no headroom, big fire and easy to pretend you're a pirate. From there to the Dolphin where we went on with the pool playing from the morning. Not actually as useless as I remembered, but almost.

Got the half five train out of Penzance (and home at half nine, but that's another story).


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I'm still giggling about the pepperami.


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