Monday, December 06, 2004

Induction Day (less exciting sequel to Independence Day)

Had to sit through an NHS Induction Day today (just the three months after actually starting to work there). From 9 to 4, sat in a lecture theatre while entertained by a stream of representatives proving themselves completely unable to locate, open and play basic powerpoint presentations. I mean, they only run these things every month. How hard can it be to:
a/ have all the different presentations in the same folder (and ooh, in the running order while we're at it?).
b/ have up to date information? I think almost all the people presenting said something in each set was out of date. Sometimes quite drastically.
c/ manage to fit correct punctuation and wording in something they're showing to over 50 new recruits every month?
But then, without the "spot the random commas" game there'd have been even less to hold the attention. At least we got free (albeit weak, instant) coffee and sandwiches. And a day out of the office with no requirement to engage brain. Can't be bad.


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