Sunday, November 28, 2004

Penventon Venting

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Eating out is often memorable for one reason or another, and despite last night's (rather early) xmas party meaning I was eating next to Indiana Jones, Captain Hook and a Blonde Bond it's the hysterically funny service that's going to remain with me as the main memory of the evening.

Now for a start, the average age of the serving staff appeared to be about 12. These innocents were shepherded about by a lone lady who appeared to have been trained by the gestapo. Now we were rather crammed in shoulder to shoulder on these long bench tables, and every morsel placed on the table was prefaced by a bellowed 'EXCUSE ME' from this terrifying appirition, or 'NOW DOES ANYONE WANT MORE POTATOES' and so on as steaming platters of watery turkey were thrust between the diners, forcing each to lean first over the lap of the person on one side, and then the other way, as each person got served. This happened with every course and every dish.

Then there was the slightly over-exuberant approach to table clearing. While we were eating our starters, the team of infant waitresses once more began forcing us to sway one way and the other as they snatched up the surplus fish knives and soup spoons depending on which way you'd chosen. Then during the main course, they did the same with the salt and pepper cellars and the dishes of cranberry sauce. Which was rather a shame, as the cranberry sauce was rather nice, and somewhat the high point of the main course. I saw them pillaging the next table, and managed to get another spoonful onto my plate - despite them actually seeing me do this, there wasn't so much as a 'have you finished with this?', nope, it was snatched off along with all the others.

The coffee was rather nice, but we were only allowed the one cup. And Chris didn't get any, having foolishly nipped to the loo, while his waiting cup was carefully ignored, and then cleared away again.

I should perhaps admit that the food was better than last year. Who knows, by next year they might even have fixed the service...


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