Sunday, November 07, 2004

Rambler in print!

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I'm not sure how I forgot to actually blog this, possibly because I wrote the thing so long ago and I've been proofing the majority of the rest of the mag in the meantime, but nevertheless the new edition of Dragonswood magazine is now out, and contains an article by ME!

I've had poems published before, but never a whole article. And now I'm too paranoid to read it in case I think oh no, that's actually rubbish.

For those that don't know, Dragonswood is a Pagan-interest magazine that stemmed out of the online site and forums at I'm a moderator on there and a member of the magazine editorial team (proof reader extraordinairre - which is probably spelt wrong just to show how good at it I am...).

Oh, the article's on Pagan Cornwall.

AND, I have discovered how to put extra links at the side of this thing, by studying the code on someone else's, which I think was rather clever of me *smug mode engaged*.


At 2:02 pm , Blogger Vics said...

heya - not sure if you know this... but you can actually stick clickable links in your posts, if you don't do it through blogger by highlighting the bit of the post you want as a link and clicking the odd world icon then the code is basically

write words you want highlighted as link herejust means i can be lazy and click instead of cut n pasting *grin* hope you don't mind too much - i've linked both yours and the blue cat blog to mine, I do that with the regular reads...

At 2:03 pm , Blogger Vics said...

grrr... didn't realise it'd actually show it instead of the code *sob* ah well - at least i can clickey now *grin*

At 7:29 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

Hi - thanks for the tip - did consider putting in the whole code to make it clickable at the time but basically couldn't be arsed, so the shortcut will come in useful!

At 2:53 pm , Blogger james henry said...

Sorry, I was going to send you my code, wasn't I? I am rubbish, apologies. Magazine looks cool....


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