Saturday, November 06, 2004

The customer is always a pain in the arse

A first today - an argument with a sales assistant that actually got me somewhere. Normally I subscribe to the terribly English way of going about things in the whole "no no that's fine, you're ripping me off and I wanted something else anyway but I'd rather die than make a fuss" vein, but having taken my purchase up with sale price stickers on it, I was then told that the sale was over, and I'd have to pay the full price. To the horror and embarrassment of 90% of my psyche (and probably those of the people queuing behind me) I heard myself say ok, but as I understand the law if something's marked at a price that's what you're obliged to sell it at. I think that court experience may have gone to my head. Also, probably best that I didn't mention the fact that this grasp of the law was based on something I read in Whizzer and Chips at the age of about 6, when Mr Bloggs bought Mr Superstore's shop for a tiny amount when it had a cheap price tag accidentally stuck to the window...Anyway, they called the manager, who from some inner sanctum gin palace agreed instantly over the phone to let me have it at the sale price. Result!

PS I think this saved me the grand total of £1.80, but then, it's the principle of the thing...


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