Saturday, March 26, 2005

Witchcraft Museum

Witchcraft Museum
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Friday saw the re-opening to the public of the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle following the floods last August. Went along to check it out, and to write an article for the next issue of Dragonswood (check out the Beltane issue for the full story).

Our journalistic foray got off to a rather surreal start, when we were stopped in turn by a reporter who wanted to take a photo of us for the local paper (using the park and ride set up).

There's obviously a lot of work still to be done in the town judging by the piles of rubble and scaffolding still prevalent, but the mood is upbeat and the tourists have certainly flocked in.

The museum is back with a vengeance, with some rearranged, and some new exhibits and a plea for all the visitors they can get - so even if you've been before it's worth a return visit, I certainly saw stuff I hadn't seen on two previous visits.

The afternoon was rounded off with a pint in the Cobweb Inn - well, it seemed fitting!


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