Sunday, April 03, 2005

Political Musings

The first laugh gleaned form the upcoming election yesterday - the opening line in the Lib Dem 'vote for me' bumf is "You might be reading todays post sitting in your favourite armchair." As I was actually sitting on the loo when I opened it, I felt this rather summed up the whole process. And if I don't vote for them, it will probably be due to that missing apostrophe in their opening line.

Still, plus point number one to them - the first party to send us one joint letter, rather than the tree munching seperates of the 'other two' - in fact I think Labour have sent multiple mailings already.

Plus point number two - they spend the majority of their letter saying what they plan to do, rather than just slagging off the other parties (unlike the others).

In a rare moment of actual political interest I had a look at their
website - and rather gleefully discovered that they're trying have the the Tories and Labour fined for cold-calling people that are registered with the Telephone Preference Service. As we've had to put up with several calls already (ok, so we're not registered, but cold calls of any description piss me off and the Lib Dems aren't doing it at all) this made me rather happy. It also gave me the link to be able to register my own number which made me very happy.

I should maybe say here that I normally vote
Green, but I have no idea if we'll have a candidate in the election, and having looked through their website I'm still none the wiser.


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