Monday, April 25, 2005

Say hello to the girls

Originally uploaded by CornishRambler.
As some of you may know, our cat sadly passed away a few weeks ago.

After days of weirdly empty rooms, yesterday we picked up two new residents - Smudge (left) and Molly.

They've already made themselves well at home - Smudge giving every little nook a good sniff and investigation, Molly opting for the lounging on the sofa and affecting disinterest. She should really have a silk turban and cigarette holder, one feels...


At 12:26 am , Blogger Matt said...

I was meaning to ask if you were going to get a new cat. Rescue cats, I presume.

I look forward to making their nonchalent (on their behalf) aquaintance!

At 9:34 am , Blogger Kell said...

Awww, Az - they're gorgeous!


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