Sunday, April 03, 2005

Doctor Who - The Rambler Verdict

Well, after deliberating, cogitating, and a certain amount of gleeful grinning- in the words of the Fast Show - Brilliant! I like the Doctor (temperemental actors not withstanding), I like Rose and I like the writing. Long may it continue. I can't believe it's been 15 years. That's over half my life.

My one criticism would be that so far it all seems a bit rushed - doing a whole story in 45 minutes seems to lose a lot of the tension. I need cliffhangers! I'm not after a return to Ambassadors of Death territory (and until you've sat through a really bad copy of all 68-odd episodes at about 3am you don't know the meaning of the word mind-numbing) - but I really do think the stories would work better as at least two-parters.

And the question I have now that ole' bat-ears has said he won't do a second series is will he deign to do a regeneration scene, or will he 'throw a Colin'? And something else I'd like to see him do would be maybe one of Big Finish's audio adventures doing a story with Paul McGan's regeneration into him. But I bet he won't.

Still, overall, a big thumbs up. Even it it is weird to think that to the current generation watching for the first time, Christopher Eccleston will be the Doctor.


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