Sunday, July 03, 2005

Weasels in the wainscotting

After months of blessed peace from the empty house next door, yesterday it appears people are moving in. We've so far had hours of scraping and banging and scrabbling through the wall (I can only assume they're stripping wallpaper). The most worrying development however, is the appearance in the back garden of a huge 'fake boot' planter, and a plastic trough with painted psychotic looking rabbits on it. Steps may have to be taken...


Talking of weasels, I saw a mink the other day. I think it was a mink, it was all brown, so not a polecat or a ferret as far as I can tell from a quick google, and too big for weasel or ran out onto the verge by the Asda roundabout, did a quick "ooh, fuck, big road" and ran back into the bushes.


At 2:23 pm , Blogger james henry said...

Didn't know there were minks round here. Used to see lots of foxes around Boslowich garage, presumably popping in for a chicken and mushroom slice.


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