Monday, June 20, 2005


We ventured out into the Falmouth weekend dining experience once more on Saturday night, with a trip to Seafarers with some friends.

Overall it was great, although the service left a little to be desired - turning up bang on time we were left standing like lemons in the centre of the restaurant as they decided to put us on a different table, which would first have to be cleared and set up.

Once we managed to get seated, we then had some effort to attract enough attention to order drinks. Ordering (just!) a third bottle of wine later on in the evening we were told they didn't have any more of that type chilled!

Waitress A had no clue what the specials were, and was thrown when I ordered one "what's that? oh, it must be new" (and then spelt it wrong on her pad). Waitress B asked who'd ordered the scallops and who the calamari, and promptly put them down in front of the wrong people, proving she had no idea what they were.

The basket of bread slices we were given was nice, but somewhat marred by the discovery that the pot of butter was actually foul tasting marge.

The chicken supreme wasn't (apparently) technically chicken supreme, nor was the moules marinere technically that. And I still have no idea what the Trio of Cornish fish that I had actually were, it not being written or explained anywhere, and the waitresses flitting like mayflies too quickly to ask.

Having listed all that, it sounds awful, but it wasn't, it was lovely. The fish (whatever they were!) was really nicely cooked, and not a single bone (possibly the first time I've been somewhere that's managed it). The artichoke and brie risotto I had as a starter I could have sat and eaten a huge bowl of. And the Callestick strawberry ice cream I had to finish with was heavenly, and very nicely presented in a little snappy basket thing (always wanted to try one of those).

So a good evening had by all!


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