Monday, May 23, 2005

A short update on the week's highs and lows...

Are You My Mummy
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Good Things

New Doctor Who books, three for two in Ottakers, and having nearly enough book tokens to cover the cost..

New Doctor Who ep, well creepy and Sapphire and Steel-ish. And an actual cliff hanger.

'im indoors getting a new car. Shiny.

Having two articles, an editorial piece, a poem and the back cover picture in the latest Dragonswood mag.

Going out on someone's leaving do and drinking enough to fell a small horse.

Bad Things

New car having leaky sunroof and having to sit in the garage until it gets a new one cause it keeps raining.

Not being able to find the latest Dragonswood mag to show your mum and being paranoid that you've put it in the recycling.

A restaurant that takes an hour to get your starters to you, thereby making you drink enough to fell a small horse and miss out on much of Saturday. And having people keep mention bits of conversations that you have no memory of. And having a photo that you have no memory of taking.


At 3:10 pm , Blogger Matt said...

Cool on the car.
Boo on the leak.

Is it a shiny car as in the sun shines off of it, or shiny in the Firefly sense?

Or indeed both I guess...

At 8:08 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

Both. It was a double edged wossname...


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