Saturday, April 30, 2005

Three day weekend! Yay!

To paraphrase Arkwright, it's been a funny old week. Last Friday we had the leaving do of someone who was actually leaving this Friday, which necessitated another one - only thing is, he's coming back as a consultant, so it was a case of goodbye, good luck, and see you on Tuesday.

Yesterday, set up the Bluecat Forum for James, although also that evening managed to slice through both finger and nail when chopping onions (in a hurry, wanting to get back and see if any bugger had joined). So it's maimed me already, and today it is very difficult to typw. (see what I mean? and that wasn't deliberate, but I'm leaving it in to prove me point).

Ooh, gotta go, meeting my mother to eat an enormous amount of breakfast in town.


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