Sunday, May 08, 2005

Electionblog: The Future Is Yellow(y)

Yeah, okay, so this post is a bit tardy, but I've been busy with, y'know, stuff. So anyway. This is possibly the first time that anyone I've ever voted for has actually got in, with Julia Goldsworthy (Lib) beating Candy Atherton (Lab) into a cocked hat. The whole county (and further up) is now yellow (or at least a sort of yellowy-goldy-orangey).

On the night of the election, I went to visit a friend, and ran into prowling Labour electioneers trying to force people to the polls with cattle prods. As I went in the gate, they cried "There she is!" - a cry designed to make you start running if ever there was one (or do I just have a guilty sub-conscious?). "Mrs B__," they persisted - "Sorry, I'm just visiting", I said politely, shutting the gate on them. "Don't shut that, we're coming in anyway." They advanced down the path behind me as I knocked on the door. "Oh come in, you don't have to knock" - "Yes, but I've got canvassers behind me, I didn't want them following me in!" (Resisting the impulse to yell quick, lower the portcullis, they're right behind me!). She was then stuck there for ages as they poured out their horror on her that not only hadn't she voted, but didn't know who to vote for.

Now is it a failing in my character that I'd have lied 'oh yes, I've voted, goodbye' and promptly shut the door on them? It's bad enough the bloody party hounding us by phone (three calls, each time being told not interested) but to chase you to your door - well, that'll be why I voted yellowy...


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