Thursday, May 12, 2005

Starlings In My Store Cupboard

Rather more excitement than usual this morning at work, with the discovery of a starling in the store cupboard. It must have got in from the roof space down beside some pipes, and couldn't get out again. I sidled in, opened the window and sidled out again, and we watched through the door until it figured the way out. Going in to check for damage, the only droppings were on the free-standing fan where it had been perching. Yes, the shit had actually hit the fan...


At 11:04 pm , Blogger Matt said...

As a small child, I once rescued a swift that had become almost frozen in the sudden onslaught of winter.

Placed in a warm box and force-fed brandy in a syringe, the bird came back to life and took off through my friend's dining room.

In its hurry and panic to get out of the house, it actually managed to crap on the ceiling. Quite considerable force required to get it to go vertically up and embed in a polystyrene ceiling tile.

I know this as I have used the same escape gambit to get out of several parties.

At 8:10 am , Blogger Kell said...

LOL - it's typical, Izzy - only in your world does shit actually hit the fan in quite such a literal manner!


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