Saturday, May 14, 2005

Eddies in the space-time continuum (is he?)

Ah, the natural bias of the universe to get me to drink more alcohol than I should...went for lunch at The Lounge, in Truro, a very nice cafe-type place, and ordered a glass of wine with my lunch - and having got the drinks we waited, and waited for our food - half an hour later the (rather cute) waitress returned to confess that she'd lost our ticket and it was being cooked now. She went away, only to return a few minutes later to offer us free drinks. Well, I had to have more wine really, didn't I....


Across the room in the cafe were a group of cyclists, two of which I recognised from the day before, when I encountered them at Sainsbury's roundabout asking me the best way to Scorrier (the bizarreness of this will only strike local readers, but suffice to say the best answer would have been 'well, I wouldn't start from here'). I wanted to go up and ask them if they'd got safely back to where they were staying, but didn't quite like to in case they'd spent the night forlonly circling the back lanes after my directions.


New Doctor Who books, featuring CE and Rose! Three for two in Ottakers, £6.99 each, nicely-sized hardbacks, and me with book tokens left from Valentine's Day. Woo Hoo!


At 10:49 pm , Blogger james henry said...

Did you ever read any of the Bernice Summerfield DW spin-off books btw? Thought they were quite good.


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