Sunday, June 12, 2005

Guinea-pig Juggling and Rat Burgers

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Yesterday was Show day, and pretty much ideal weather, hot but not blazing sun - wonder how many people will have forgone the sunscreen-and-hat combo and woken up this morning like an overcooked lobster...

We dutifully examined most of the animal tents - bunnies, guinea pigs (I'm hoping the judge that was weighing one in each hand wasn't actually about to start juggling, but that's what it looked like), goats, birds, poultry (there are some really weird chickens out there), piggies and cowses (ok, enough with the twee naming).

One of the many fun things about the cow shed is watching the people that have come in sandals (as it were) trying to walk round without actually touching the floor. We heard one bloke go "Ooh that wasn't very clever was it!" and turned round to see that he'd managed to walk right through an enormous pile. Like I said, very entertainning, the cow shed.

Naturally, we spent a large proportion of time stuffing our faces - coffee, doughnuts, lukewarm rat-burger (me), pasty (Chris) and ice cream. The (organic) ice creams were fantastic - honey & lavender, and orange & champagne, from Helsett Farm. They don't seem to have a website, but various listings give their details (from Boscastle) and the contact name is Ms Sarah Talbot-Ponsonby, which is frankly marvellous.

On to the funfair, and fruitless attempts at the hoopla and so on (I won something on it once, years ago, and have a go every year in hope of one day replicating the feat, to win a badly stitched soft toy that I don't want). Had a go at the archery too - the chap handed me the bow and asked if I could draw it. So I pulled it back, and he went "Blimey, I'm not arguing with you!". Managed to get one right in the centre too, so went off smugly enough to make myself dizzy on the rides.


At 10:24 am , Blogger Matt said...

You seem to have ticked all of the requisite boxes for a good day at the show!

Having seen you fire an arrow before, I wouldn't argue with you either!


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