Saturday, October 01, 2005

Tapas, or not Tapas

A few of us went to 5 Degrees West last night, for 4 pints of Tribute and convivial ramblings. We ordered the Tapas option from the 'Large Nibbles/To Share' section of the menu, which offered olives, hoummus, guacamole, olives, balsamic oil and local bread. So far, so appetising. However, accompanying the little bowls was one, count it, ONE piece of bread. And that sorry excuse for a sawn-off baguette wasn't especially well endowed. Would it really have broken them to provide two pieces of bread with what is ostensibly a sharing platter? The dips were good, homemade and tasty (although the hoummus would have benefitted from not being quite so refrigerator-cold, or still bearing the imprints of clingfilm wrapping), but sadly there wasn't enough bread to finish them up. Obviously, being stoically British, we didn't actually dare ask for more...


At 9:55 am , Blogger Kell said...

What is it about us Brits that makes us wary of askinng for anything - even if we've paid for it? Are we afraid they'll say "no" or something, pad the bill or spit on the food in some sick vendetta?


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