Friday, December 30, 2005

The Kitten, The Wiccan & The Flatpack

Well, our excursion to see the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was a little more successful than that for HP4 (no exploding children) - we were a good distance away from the annoying group this time round, and some one else told them to shut up not long in.

Redruth cinema still managed to confuse everyone though - arriving for a start time of 8pm, we were told that there would be an interval of 15 minutes, not in the middle of the film, like last time, but between the adverts/trailers and the main feature, and the film would start at around 20 past (I think their clockwork runs down or something after a certain length of time).

Now I thought this was a bit odd, as it didn't give a lot of time for the first bit, but (after a coffee in the bar so strong I've still got the shakes three days later) we duly trooped in at the allotted time only to catch the last five seconds of the new Pirates of the Carribbean trailer (waah!) and to sit out the whole of the interval. Grrr.

Anyway, it was worth the wait, very entertaining film, very faithful adaptation (even if Mr Tumnus did have shit ears).


At 1:07 pm , Blogger Kell said...

I wasn't overly impressed with the faces they gave the Centaurs either, but the film itself, I agree, was a thing of rare beauty.

Even if Mr Tumnus had shit ears - LOL!


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