Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Randomly received a vet's bill this morning, for "cut nails dog - Molly".

I look at Molly, she looks back. Nope, definitely still a cat. Possibly a slightly insulted, miffed looking cat, now. One quite happy to undertake her own manicure rituals, on the bed, the sofa, occasionally the designated scratching post. I've obviously become someone's catspaw...


At 4:10 pm , Blogger Ammie said...

Oooh what a lovely kitty! :)

forgive the intrusion, but could I ask you whether you speak cornish?

Could you tell me what hwi flosa benyna means, I'd really appreciate it!

At 5:09 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

only when I'm drunk.

er, can't find an exact match, but "hwi flows benyn" would appear to mean, ahem - "you speak nonsense woman". (see )

At 1:28 pm , Blogger Ammie said...

oh thanks!

oh and i thought he was telling me he fancied me :(

oh well!

thanks again and happy crimble!


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