Sunday, December 04, 2005

Very Exciting

Just been given a new bookcase (people next door to my mum were getting rid of it). Having found space to wedge it in at the top of the stairs, with a bit of reorganising this means I've now got shelf room for all the books previously in piles at the bottom of the bed without having to get rid of the old tat that's never going to be read/consulted again. And, AND - a whole empty shelf waiting for new ones! I realise there are probably only about three people that will appreciate the excitement value of this, but as I suspect they are the three people that actually read this, that should be ok...(incidentally, all time peak of 38 individual visitors the day following BlueCat being mentioned in the Times, so it obviously pays to have friends in high places...)

Also of excitement value, picked up the Christmas tree today, which is currently sat in the back garden happily sucking up a bucket of water while I figure out just where I'm going to put the stuff currently occupying its destined corner...this includes the drinks collection, so I suppose I could feasibly "relocate" of some of it...


At 7:29 pm , Blogger Kell said...

ooh! Ooh! I'm all excited about your bookcase!

Yes, i'm one of the 3 people who read your blog (LOL!) & I think you're the only person I know who may just be a little more batty about books than me (but only just, mind you!).

At 9:35 am , Blogger Matt said...

a new bookcase is always exciting. I re-arranged/re-stacked one of my bookshelves the other day/ Doesn't look quite so neat but I can fit about 10% more stuff on it. Really need a new bookshelf to take the pile that I have on top of the wine rack in the lounge and generally in my bedroom.

NEVER throw your books away. You never know when a particular piece of tat will be eseential reading!

At 5:53 pm , Blogger Dancinfairy said...

I am very jealous of your new bookcase as I have three boxes of books hiding under my mum's stairs as my bedroom is too small to have any more bookcases.


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