Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Absent With Leave

Well, here endeth two days off work; spare bits of annual leave lying around are a wonderful thing. I have variously:

  • been to the dentist (about a pound a minute for the comedy Yorkshireman routine),
  • drunk a very good cup of coffee at Cinnamon Girl,
  • bought more books (bookshop forced to give me two actual pounds as change, having run out of tokens, hah!),
  • had a very good lunch with a friend (cajun chicken and rocket ciabatta and fries (ooh, get her), even better when looking at receipt later and discovering they'd forgotten to charge me for one of the glasses of wine),
  • registered with health centre after 6 years of meaning to get round to it, and bumping into a friend I'd not seen for years on the way,
  • received from eBay and read in 2 hours the whole of the River of Adventure in 1956 illustrated hardback edition.

Back to work tomorrow, sadly. Still, three day week, mustn't grumble...


At 6:47 pm , Blogger Kell said...

Ooh, Cinnamon Girl looks wonderful. One of these days I'll get to Falmouth & have a drink there... Maybe I'll treat you to a coffee or summat, izzy. :)


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