Thursday, January 12, 2006


Well what a disappointing pile of tripe that was. Another 30 minutes of my life I'm not getting back - and I speak as someone for whom 'pile of tripe' is often a pre-requisite for watching something in the first place (yes, it was me who bought the Crime Traveller dvd...). Seems to have become the done thing lately to slag off Red Dwarf, but that used to make me laugh all the way through, as opposed to this, where I think I laughed exactly once in the whole show ("It's eating my crew!" - "Only the slow ones"). Verdict then - a criminal waste of a good cast.

On the flip side, am quite enjoying Invasion (although it's a bit slow), which I only started watching because it had Kari Matchett in it. And what's the sheriff been in? Or is it just that he looks like Tom Petty?


At 9:59 pm , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Being away this week, I videoed it, and have just wasted 20 minutes watching it - I switched off at that stage. It does not, as you intimate, bear compariuson to Red Dwarf.

At 12:25 am , Blogger Matt said...

Invasion: the sheriff has been in quite a bit I think.
He was the blind guy in Contact (almost a lead in to a "nice tits, where do you want the blind" gag) although somehow I reckon you probably saw him when he starred in "Albino Alligator"!.

His IMDB page is at

(assuming that I can post a link like that!)


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