Friday, December 30, 2005

Eh? What?

Bizarre Christmas card received (just after Christmas) from Fingals Hotel, where we stayed earlier this year. Managing to spell my name wrong and get the address wrong (we're in -Close and it had been redirected from -Road or presumably would have arrived before Christmas) it was a big representation of the globe with anti-Bush slogans printed round it, and an inserted slip of paper printed with facts about global warming.

The point of this appeared to be advertising the fact that they are having solar panels installed next year, but the whole thing annoyed me on several levels:

1/ I don't expect to be sent political propaganda (however worthy the sentiments) from hotels I stay at, especially at their prices.

2/ If you must send me unsolicited political propaganda, please take the trouble to get my name and address right.

3/ One immediate way to help the environment would be to NOT send everyone that stays there (and we were only there one night) a large glossy pre-printed card and associated paper insert and envelope, especially as you should have my email address on record.


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