Saturday, April 29, 2006

Days to Wedding: 5

State of Organisation: Better, having amended reception pasty order to a level that they'll actually deliver, and the beer order now also being safely placed.

Incidental Purchases: 1. Well obviously I needed another Clive Cussler book to add to the pile I haven't read yet.


At 7:50 am , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

In case you were worried that I hadn't replied yet, the invitation to the wedding hasn't arrived yet. I'll just turn up at the reception on the off-chance then, shall I?

At 12:01 pm , Blogger Izzy said...

fond of Cornish pasties? I appear to have massively overcatered just to get them to deliver...

At 12:17 pm , Blogger Who is this Dave? said...

Yes. I love Cornish Pasties. And these are probably proper ones too.

In case I don't make it to the reception, please send a food parcel to Norfolk.

At 9:36 pm , Blogger The Book Fiend said...

You must be getting so excited by now - I was alternately squee-ing with delight & crashing with stress on a quarter-hourly schedule by this point, It could have something to do with my Mother coming up around that time though - LOL!


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