Friday, May 05, 2006

Burgh Island

Departed Falmouth around half 12, having disposed in various ways of around 6,000 sausage rolls and other assorted debris from the reception. Got to Bigbury-on-Sea around 14:45, having been instructed when to arrive to coincide with the tides. We had to ring the hotel to inform them of our imminence, whereupon we were given the code to the car park, and someone was dispatched to fetch us. As the tide was indeed out, sadly we didn't get to ride on the sea tractor, being transported across the sand instead in a landrover (driven by Trevor).

The girl at reception was very friendly and helpful, and pleasingly dressed in a kind of twenties style tunic effort. We and our bags were taken up in the lift (rather cramped, only just room for three people and two bags), it did have one of those pull across gates though. Tipped the porter (£2, he seemed happy with it). Nearly all the staff are foreign, are they cheaper or just politer? They were all very, very good.

Our room was "Fruity" Metcalfe, on the second floor. We had a balcony, overlooking the beach, and you could see pretty much right the way round out to sea. The bathroom was massive, almost the same size as the bedroom itself, decorated in pink and black, and with one entire wall taken up with a huge mirror. The bed was fantastically comfortable, with lovely white linen embroidered with the Burgh Island logo, and sliver and purple cushions. The room had a complimentary box of chocolates (handmade, very nice, if you wanted another box of 8 (or it might have been 6), it was £8.50!).

Once settled, we wandered out again to explore the island. Lots of rabbits scuttling over the lawns and cliffs, and masses of violets in the grass. Passed the tennis court and the helipad, but disappointingly no corpses or Belgian detectives (although there was a pleasingly cross looking Major type arriving as we went out the door). Back at the hotel we had coffee on the terrace, looking out towards the Mermaid Pool, a natural sea-water bathing pool in amongst the rocks.

After a bit of a rest and a chance to plan out some trips for the following week, it was time to dress for dinner. Down to the Palm Court Bar under the Peacock Dome for cocktails just after 18:30. I had a Singapore Sling, which I've always wanted to try, and which was fabulous and Chris had a Sidecar. We were presented with a plate (actually a slate!) of canapes: tempura fish with tomato and chilli salsa; some sort of sushi roll with rice and avocado; a chicken crouton, oh and two random radishes, complete with leaves and root. All very nice though, and we sat by a fountain playing in a pool tiled with peacock mosaic patterns.

Then it was through to the ballroom for dinner, which comprised:
[I] Loin of rabbit with garlic cream (you could watch them frolicking over the cliffs outside in the meantime)
[C] Seared prawns with chorizo and broad beans - both dishes served with a choice of breads, we went for the honey and almond.
[I] Pan fried John Dory with capers, pine nuts, tomatoes and peach cream.
[C] Seared venison with sweet potato stuffing and baby veg
Raspberry Sorbet - sweet and soft and very raspberry-y. Served with three fresh raspberries, only bum note being that one of mine was mouldy. Very restrained and didn't flick it at the waiter, as he was very sweet and attentive, frequently popping up to pour water or wine or brush off the table. Coffee followed, with caramelised strawberries and physallis.

Returning to the room, we found that maid service had been in to close the blinds, turn down the bed and leave us bottles of water. The bathroom was stocked with REN shampoo, conditioner (although no shower, so no way of washing your hair with it!) and body wash, candle and matches and even Burgh Island embroideretowelingng robes. Went to bed with the window open, and the sound of the sea, now at high tide, swirling round the rocks below.


At 5:46 pm , Blogger The Book Fiend said...

It looks & sounds like you had a wonderful time. And you look gorgeous by the way!


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