Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's A Gas

A letter arrived to say that the gas people would be sending a man in to give us a new meter, as their records showed ours was of a type out of date.

This, unfortunately, necessitated clearing out the under stairs cupboard. It's surprising how much tat you can wedge into a cupboard, you know. Enough to completely cover the floor of the kitchen when all laid out, it transpires. And why, exactly, was I keeping a carrier bag full of polystyrene packing pellets? And several carrier bags full of, er, carrier bags.

Anyway, having been given a day (naturally no projected time, just a whole working day), we installed one set of parents and went off to work. Upon return, I expected to find some new snazzy digital contraption or something, but no - it's exactly the same as the old one, just cleaner. I feel cheated. Particularly as, having initially congratulated myself on making so much room in the cupboard by throwing out rubbish, I now keep coming across boxes that I hadn't put back in yet.


At 4:52 pm , Blogger Minx said...

I have twenty-five jam jars under the sink. Wish I made pickles!!


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