Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"St Augustine's Well." "Is he? That's nice."

Cerne Abbas was the first stop today, reached through lots of little lanes and villages - crossed a ford, saw lots of bluebells under an avenue of massive beech trees, and saw a bullfinch. Driving down into the village, had a marvellous view of the Giant - better than the one from the 'official' viewing area, which is too far down the hill to get a good angle. Took some photos then wandered through the village in search of a pub for lunch.

Ended up in the Royal Oak (pint of Fursty Ferret), all timber framing and wooden benches and cushions - very nice food too, if a bit pricey - I had a steak pannini with cheese and caramelised onions (which came with crisps and a large pile of posh salad, bits of which I even ate) and Chris had a cheese Ploughman's, which came with four huge lumps of different cheeses and its own pot of Royal Oak relish (Gooseberry and Coriander. Errr.). The barman spent most of the time we were there wrangling on the phone with Orange who had sent him a phone he hadn't ordered, then said they'd bill him for cancelling it. Then billed him anyway. He wasn't overly chuffed...

Took some pictures of Cerne Abbas village, which has a collection of wonderfully picturesque old buildings, and was mysteriously deserted - decided we'd obviously slipped into an episode of the Avengers...Had a look at the ruins of Cerne Abbey, then walked through the cemetery to St Augustine's Well, which is a very pretty, tranquil spot.

Drove back to Bridport via the main Dorchester road, and spent some time looking round. Nice little market town, with some good shops including a fishmonger with fresh local catches - bought some mackerel - several greengrocers - bought local purple sprouting broccoli - and bread - bought a farmhouse loaf ("Which one's that then? Do you know how much it is?" Er, no, because you're the one working here?).

Back at the cottage, wrote out some postcards - there's a postbox conveniently opposite the parking area - collections 9am daily.


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