Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mission Impossible 3

Went to see Mission Impossible 3 last night. A couple of hours of enjoyable tosh, although they seemed at points to have run out of ideas - eg when Ethan Hunt breaks into a high security building to steal a thingy, but you don't see how he does it - he just appears again a couple of minutes later, having nicked it. And you never find out what it actually is. Could they not have come up with something?

Pleased to see Simon Pegg providing the British geek contingent though, and as far as mindless films go it ticked pretty much all my boxes.

Although can I just say to Redruth cinema - half an hour's worth of adverts (and two trailers) is too bl**dy long! Especially when the place is full of small children, they're going to get bored before the thing starts! I know I was. At least until we got the Pirates of the Carribean trailer, anyway. Can't wait for that...


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