Saturday, December 02, 2006

Plymouth - Ho!

Went to Plymouth on the train today. There was a mother and little kid wittering behind us for most of the way. When the kid went to the buffet car, had to stop myself laughing out loud when the mother said "If it's more than three quid, you're shit outta luck" (has to be imagined in a Cornish accent).

Plymouth station loos are very strange. The doors have frosted glass in the top, so people can see you sitting on the toilet. Eww.

Wandered round the shops, mostly avoided the rain, had fabulous pig-inna-bap, closely followed by hot doughnuts.

And my favourite stall sign of the day, for perfumed flora-craft: "Sented Wooden Roses". Oh dearie me.


At 10:39 am , Blogger Matt said...

The mother on the train reminds me of the anecdote from Linda Smith.
She was sat in a coffee shop somewhere with a friend. On the table next to them were two young mothers and their various brood. One of the little boys was slouching in his chair and was told by his mother "oi, sit up straight you c*%t!".

You see, manners are all important.

At 10:40 am , Blogger Matt said...

and is 'plymouth -ho' a rallying cry or an instruction to one of your staff?


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